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Empower Your Sensitivities for Lasting Happiness


A Six (6) Week Transformational Course especially to help support empaths, super sensitives, if your confused about energies, spiritually curious, looking to find balance and ready to take back control to create a positive change in your life and in the world. 

Embrace Your True Self:
Experience Empowerment and Harmony when you Discover Your Inner Magic

Embrace Your Inner Magic over a period
of 6 enriching weeks

This course is tailored for busy individuals like you. With a flexible online format, you can access the lessons at your own pace and convenience. No need to worry about scheduling conflicts – transform your life on your terms.

For everyone who’s wanted to…

Develop their inner magic and navigate the overwhelming world of energies, our 6-Week Course is here to guide empaths, sensitives, and those confused about energies on a transformative journey.
Built to provide practical tools and techniques, we understand the challenges faced by individuals who feel everything deeply, whether it be in solitude or amongst crowds. Our course offers a unique solution that combines ancient wisdom with modern practices, helping you harness your sensitivities and create a harmonious balance within yourself. Join us now and witness the incredible transformation as you embrace your authentic self and step into your true power

Unlock Your Inner Magic:
A 6-Week 6 Module Course for Empaths, Sensitives, and Those Confused About Energies

We know you're thinking "I'm not sure if I have the ability to develop my inner magic and handle my sensitivities effectively." BUT!! We want you to know This course is specifically designed to guide individuals like you who are confused about energies and provide you with the knowledge, support, and practical exercises necessary to unlock and harness your inner magic.

  • ​Discover your true self and unlock your inner power: Explore your inner world and find your own magic.
  • ​Learn to harness and control your personal energy: Develop techniques to balance and master your energy.
  • ​Navigate crowded spaces with confidence and ease: Gain tools to thrive in any crowded situation.

Discover your Inner Magic Course is perfect for you if you are are experience: 

• Empathic Introverts

• Sensory Overwhelmed

• Energy Novices

• Seeking Balance

• Spiritually Curious

Does this Describe YOU?

Overwhelmed by your own emotions and energy.

Struggling to understand and manage the energy around you.

Feeling lost and anxious in crowded environments.

Unlike other empath courses, our Develop your Inner Magic program is specifically designed for those who are confused about energies and struggling with their sensitivities when alone or in crowds. With our expert guidance and tailored exercises, you'll learn how to tap into your inner power, protect your energy, and embrace your unique gift as an empath.

Hey, I'm Rajenaira-Madalyn

I've been there. I know what it feels like to feel like to be doing great and all of a sudden your not, or you have to immediately leave the place that you just walked into because you felt sick or anxious or KNEW you needed to just get out of there.

Then there was the "I can't afford to spend money on a course right now", or "I don't have enough time to commit to a 6-week course", or "No one else will know what's going on with me." Those thoughts were always going on in my head. But at the same time also knowing - there has to be a way to handle this and figure it out!.

Over these many years, I have been on a journey to self-development and self-discovery and not I understand so much more about all things that would happen to me or come out of the blue to throw me off and sometime, for weeks at a time. I have learned how to not feel lost or anxious in crowded environments. and it's so much easier to just be me.

I created this course with you in mind in the hopes you would not have to go through what I did for so long and I truly feel with its flexible on line format and very reasonable price point, it will really help you to stand in your own truth and have the skills and tools you need to recognize and handle energies so much better. It's up to you. You just have to decide to so it and start creating change your own energy field.

How to Get Started

Empower Your Sensitivities for Lasting Happiness in just three steps and in

three minutes or less.

HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: Online Course Platform
Step by Step Training Platform

Each of the specifically created. self-pace, 6 modules will take you on a mystical journey, guiding you through a transformative process of self-discovery and personal growth. These modules are designed to align with your metaphysical and spiritual outlook, emphasizing the true transformation and magic that awaits

  • ​ Module one: Awaken the Magic Within:
    Lesson 1: Introductory to Your Magic
    Lesson 2: Self-Exploration of Your Magical Powers
  • ​Module two: Crystal Clear Clarity
      Lesson 1: Uncovering Your True Self
    Lesson 2 Embracing Intuition
  • ​Module Three: Crafting Your Actions
    Lesson 1: Setting Clear Expectations
    Lesson 2: Creating Your Vision
  • ​Module Four: Enchanting Implementation
    Lesson 1: Overcoming Resistence
    Lesson 2: Step Into Your Power
  • ​Module Five: Accountability Alchemy
    Lesson 1: The Power of Engaging in Accountability
    Lesson 2: Succeeding with Your Progress
  • ​Module Six: Review and Revel in Your Magic
    Lesson 1: Celebrating Your Successes
    Lesson 2: Stay In Control

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Discover Your Inner Magic
Discover Your Inner Magic Course
4- Week Online Self-Paced Course with 6 modules
Tuning In: Mastering the Art of Listening to Spirit
Tuning In: Mastering the Art of Listening to Spirit
On-line Self Paces 4 Module Course

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