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Awesome Blog/Let’s Talk about Passion and PURPOSE

Let’s Talk about Passion and PURPOSE

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Did you know that having a purpose helps to build confidence and self esteem? Discovering your purpose gives your life real meaning. There are no limits when you are doing what you came here to do. What are you passionate about? Do you know your purpose? Like Sandy Gallagher said in one of her posts“find you passion in life. The world needs more people living passionate and purpose driven lives.

People who lack purpose lack passion and are often unhappy and lonely. An example of this could be the person who has retired from a career that gave her life purpose. She may have lots of time on her hands and be involved in a range of recreational activities but remain unfulfilled as there is no sense of purpose anymore. Involvement in these pursuits simply helps to fill her day.

How often have you thought about what you would buy or the problems that may be solved by a lottery win? Yes, we have all dreamt about this and there is nothing wrong with having dreams.

Dreams are important and don’t be afraid to Dream Big. Dreams especially Big Dreams can open up our minds to possibilities and sometimes lead us to pursuing goals and a positive course of action toward that goal..

Yet, how often do hear about people who have had this stroke of luck and discover that their lives are not necessarily enhanced in any meaningful way, or are even worse because of it. We often hear about the families who have broken up after winning money.

People who have quit their jobs and gone on shopping sprees and drinking binges. People who long for the company of others because they are excited, but they notice that their acquaintances seem very shallow and uninteresting. Nothing in the relationship inspires them.

Now in our eyes, their world, may be look to be their oyster, that they have it all, but what they may find lacking is a sense of challenge, of purpose, so they loose momentum and excitement for life.

There is some truth in the saying that if you have to work hard for something you will appreciate it more. Sometimes the achievement itself is not the most rewarding aspect, but the process is the reward. What provides someone with a sense of purpose will vary from person to person.

For some it may simply be taking care of another close to them. Others may choose to travel, get involved in regular exercise, or in learning something new. There are limitless options to choose from

Whichever you choose, your commitment to it will also benefit you by keeping your mind active. When you do one of these activities the chances are that you will also be more optimistic and hopeful as a person.

Having something important to aim for encourages you to be less likely to give up when things go wrong and to look for the learning opportunity instead.

Having a sense of purpose tends to make people more involved in taking care of themselves. They will pay attention to their health. Involvement with other people means that they are less lonely and that they also have other people around for support.

Of course, Coaches, Mentors and Peers can also be useful for giving you feedback and helping you see things about yourself which may otherwise go unnoticed.

I hope you found this topic on Passion and PURPOSE helpful and if you will allow me, I just want to mention one more thing.

It’s always great to learn how to be in harmony with the Universal Laws and to develop the right belief system with ways to apply the correct mindset for you to succeed in whatever it is that you want to do.

As always, you can contact me to schedule a time where I can help you get clarity or unstuck. Just reach out and I will respond.

Find a way to Connect with your Passion , your purpose and let that spark grow into a huge flame, a wildfire that only, by accomplishing your goal will that hunger be satisfied, and then you get yourself going again to the next biggest and most awesome desire.

Hope everyone has a great day. Talk to you again soon. Bye for now. 

Some of this Blog Info: Courtesy of PGI

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