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Hi, I Am Rajenaira-Madalyn Kennedy

Energy Frequency Artist, 
Intuitive Transformational Life Coach, Soul Awakening Spiritual Coach & Mentor,
Clear Channel for Spirit.

I am an intuitive artist that creates through the energy of Spirit, and the Universal Laws to help others find their unique voice in life, art, business, and relationships.

I provide training, support, guidance, love and help hold energetic space for you to stand in your power to succeed in achieving what you desire in life through my many different classes, courses, workshops, coaching programs and my one-on-one intense sessions.

You will discover the real you and begin to recognize your own unique abilities, gifts and talents and how to develop them to bring to the world.

"My 6 Easy Steps to Reclaim Your Magic"

If you are feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, confused, constantly having to give up and overly sensitive to almost everything to the point of needing to just shut down, take a nap, or quit all together - My New Guidelines to  Reclaim your Magic in 6 easy steps is exactly what you need today.   It will change your perspective and how you feel right away.  

6 Steps to Reclaim Your Magic and Serenity.png

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