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Madalyn Kennedy Imagineer Academy

A  Beloved Essences/Ancient Twins Hearts  Enterprise


I AM Madalyn Kennedy

Energy Frequency Artist
Intuitive Transformational Life Coach
Soul Awakening Spiritual Coach & Mentor
Clear Channel for Spirit

I am an intuitive artist that creates through the energy of Spirit to help others find their unique voice in life, art, business, and relationships.

As a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Intuitive Transformational Life and Soul Awakening Coach, Energy Frequency Artist, Teacher & Mentor, trained in the Universal Laws, I know how they are working all the time, either for or against you.

I provide training, support, guidance, love and help hold energetic space for you to stand in your power to succeed in achieving what you desire in life through my many different classes, courses, workshops, coaching programs and my one-on-one intense sessions.

You will discover the real you and begin to recognize your gifts and talents and how to develop them where you will be able to bring to the world your unique abilities which are unlike anyone else.  

Calling all Super Sensitives and Empaths, and those who often get anxiety, feel “off” and not even sure why and usually prefer to stay home; basically hiding, hibernating and dreading going around groups because you are just so uncomfortable.  Then you usually come home ill or are ill the next day after.

Get Started today to find out About Your Magic. 
Did you know that you have Magic? Your Magic controls all your personal desires and beliefs.

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Madalyn Kennedy Better

What to Expect

As a Spiritual Intuitive, my goal is for you to increase your abundance and your ability to achieve success in all your desires, develop and increase your emotional  evolutionary progress, and to be your best self possible no matter what.  Our world is constantly changing and YOU can control what life gives you once you learn how. 

You deserve the happiest life possible;  to recognize and own how amazing you are and to not be afraid to be YOU, your amazingly and powerfully gifted true self.


Ready To Get Started Here Today And Achieve This Amazing Thing?

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Ways to Work With Me

All my services are 'stand alone' and at the same time they are interconnected, just as we all are. 


I am trained in the Universal Laws, how they are working all the time, either for or against you. And how your mind works with it's secrets that create the our reality.

My gifts are that I am an Intuitive Transformational Life and Soul Awakening Spiritual Coach, Teacher & Mentor.  A clear channel for the Divine, a spiritual intuitive, and energy frequency artist.

How are you doing with creating the reality that you want right now and every day?  Do you need some help that that? 


Awakening Master Coach, an Intuitive Spiritual Messenger and Empath, a Goddess Isis High Priestess and Instructor, Egyptian Essences and Divine Feminine Expert, Teacher,  Professional Fine Artist, and Mentor, a S.H.E.S. and Universal Life Church Reverend.


Dr. Madalyn is a published author of her channeled book, “The Divine Feminine Emergence-Mortal to Immortal; Awakening of the Crystalline Light Bodies, Yours and Mother Earths”, an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and holds many certifications for Master Teacher of several Reiki and other metaphysical modalities as well as her own classes/courses and certificate trainings.  

For over three decades she has used her gifts and abilities as she works with High-Level Beings of Light such Egyptian Deities, Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, Galactics and Light Beings from the Mystical and Elemental Kingdoms and in other realms and dimensions; assisting you in recognizing and releasing old patterns and helping you to live more whole and integrated life.

The clear and compassionate wisdom that's shared with you facilitates a shift in perspective from that of separation and limitation to connection and multidimensional existence.

She regularly hosts sacred healing/meditation journeys to the Giza Pyramids in Egypt and the sacred sites down the Nile with her twin flame, the Godfather, Master Teacher Holy Man at the Pyramids,  were you experience powerful sacred union activations, ancient soul clearings, old karmic pattern releases and Divine healing energies.


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Rave Reviews



"What I find amazing about you is that you are an incredible listener. You listen on so many different levels. that you intuitively take a person that’s energy is low and gray, and you surround them with light & love and then you intuitively counsel them, bringing them into a totally new color palette of energy which builds their self-esteem, renews their confidence and brings them forward into revitalizing their love for themselves."

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"Madalyn Kennedy embraces people in a loving spiritual way to allow their true selves to shine through & empower them. An amazing artist shows up in her work as she is creative in her thinking and how she presents herself with her beautiful personality, always laughing bringing joy to all. Not leaving out Madalyn is a clear channel for Goddess Isis, Ra & so many other Light Being Spirits who bring forward messages for us. I recommend Madalyn as a Beautiful Lightworker"

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"Madalyn Kennedy is an energetic artist who facilitates healing and teaching through her spiritual connection and coaches’ others to believe in themselves to achieve all their personal, professional, and business goals. You will discover what your mind is really capable of manifesting and from her training you will learn to manifest and create exactly what you want your life to be. Don’t wait any longer. Time goes by so fast"



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